Sound Bath Sessions Interview: Ravina Daswani

I interview all the sound bath practitioners that I feature so listeners can deeper connect and get to know more about their practice and their approach to sound baths.

This interview is with Ravina Daswani (@nadabyravina) who gives sound baths in her Hung Hom studio. She has a very powerful style and uses bowls selected for her by her teacher in India. Her use of gongs can cleanse any mental noise you bring to the session resulting in feelings of balance and relief.

Sound Bath Sessions (SBS): What is your name and where are you from?
Ravina Daswani (RD): My name is Ravina Daswani and I come from Hong Kong.

SBS: How long have you been a sound healer?
RD: I have been a sound therapist for 5 years.

SBS: What made you start to be a sound healer?
RD: I started sound healing because I have a condition called trigeminal neuralgia which is a nerve condition and when I did my first sound bath, I found that the bowls were extremely calming on the nerves. They would just be very still and very quiet for a few days.

SBS: What kind of objects do you mainly play?
RD: I play mainly metal singing bowls, gongs, and I have a variety of instruments that are the chimes the shamanic drum, the storm drums, and a few other instruments as well.

SBS: What is your approach to sound baths?
RD: My approach to sound baths is a very natural approach. I follow the energy and let the universe guide me.

SBS: What is your most memorable sound bath(s)?
RD: My most memorable sound bath was I was giving a session and I was using the shamanic drum and I was in such a state even I didn’t know what was happening. Like it wasn’t even me. It was just the energy that flowed and it was magical.

SBS: What is the most rewarding thing about doing sound baths (for clients/ yourself)?
RD: The most rewarding thing for doing sound baths for clients, myself, and family, is when people have experiences, and they tell me their experiences, and they can come back and say they felt better the next day. That whatever was troubling them didn’t bother them anymore and when their problem is clear. That’s when I feel that what I am doing in life is so worth it.

SBS: Who was your teacher? What was the most important thing your teacher taught you?
RD: So my sound bath teacher is Jentham Dilal and the most important thing he taught me, and he is in India and I am in Hong Kong, was to believe in yourself and just flow with the energy. That he was always with me and I believe that the universe is always there and if you connect to the universe then the universe does the work. So I ask for guidance I ask for protection and I ask that the energy flow through me. And that whatever is right for the people who are attending the session that’s what happens. And that’s how it becomes magical.

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This interview was edited for length and clarity.