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This is an NFT sound release. A mass-produced unique sound artwork. A paradox. I created a tape recorder instrument that makes recorded sound NFTs. I use Pure Data to create algorithms that create the works. The program sets the number of generations it creates. This release created 500 generations. I recorded the first generation of each batch. The generations are based on a 1 hour long recording I made of Feaston on a roof top playing with different objects and movements. Some remains can be heard from previous recordings on the tape.

There are 76 unique compositions recorded that were selected by the Pure Data program from the 500 Generations made during the Generation composition. Each one will be released every 3 days until the collection is complete.

This is inspired by NFT artworks that create thousands of the same image with different elements or colors (ie. BAYC or similar). In similar fashion, each generation rerecords over itself creating new improvised compositions from the original recording. The more generations pass, the more the original DNA gets mutated and distorts or gets overlaid and spliced with older sounds. In one track you can hear the previous ones from the past. It also includes the actions of now creating itself; the sound of the tape machines clicking and whirring. A paradox. A juxtaposition. An exploitation of NFT art as sound.