Social Tapes- Matthew Shepard, Laramie, WY Tapes 25-30

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ST Matt Shepard- CD Cover 600 small-page001.png

Social Tapes- Matthew Shepard, Laramie, WY Tapes 25-30


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Binaural Recordings- please use headphones.

Audio Track Listing

Tapes 25-30 (Each tape approx. 30:00)

41°18'7.80"N, 105°31'2.07"W

At around 12:00 AM on October 7, 1998 in Laramie, Wyoming, Matt Shepard was tied up and brutally beaten because he was gay. 18 hours later a passing bicyclist found his body and called 911. He died 5 days later in Poudre Valley Hospital in Colorado.

Made in the same location, time, and day, this 18-hour binaural recording commemorates the day when Matt was found as he would have heard it.

Recorded with a DIY binaural head with 3Dio Silicone ears and DPA 4061 microphones. Audio recorded with a vintage Sony TC-D5 and Sony EF Type 1 Cassettes. Comfortable, circumaural headphones are highly recommended as the audio is very quiet but also because a correct binaural image requires playback through headphones.

Level settings: The soundscape was very silent. Our general recommendation for your level settings is to set the level so that the tape noise is bearable, then lower it one or two more clicks.

Special thanks to: Michele Josue, Matthew Shepard Foundation, Laramie PD, and the landowner for making this project possible.

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All audio recorded on location in Laramie, WY on October 7, 2016.

All recordings © Bivouac Recording

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