Social Tapes

Social Tapes is a platform for the compilation and release of socially and environmentally focused soundscape projects. The purpose of these recordings are to build awareness to encourage action and participation with these issues.

Each 'Tape' is a digital release that includes the audio tracks as well as a PDF that contains: data, photos, and more information about the focus of the 'Tape'.

Social Tapes is an open project that anyone may apply to participate in. Organizations or individuals can also request a Social Tape made for your cause. Please contact us for more information.

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Growing Up With Shanghai

In 1978, China began its road to reform. Today we can see its tremendous result- and this is only the beginning. The ‘soundwalkers’ in this project were born between 1978 and 1985 in the Municipality of Shanghai. As Shanghai matured during these reforms, so did they in their own lives. ‘Hidden’ within their memories, they reveal small and indirect references to how these locations looked and felt. The city of Shanghai is alive and changes and grows just like any living thing- becoming stronger, more intelligent, and more beautiful.

Like sound itself, this project can be experienced and interpreted on many levels. On the surface it may just be a field recording of street sounds in another language, it could be everything I mention here, or something totally different. Whatever you get from these recordings, transcripts, and photos is exclusive only to you and your imagination. I hope that it makes Shanghai less intimidating and more familiar to you and that if you do come, you try to experience a more intimate side of Shanghai by following one of these on your own.

I hope that you enjoy your experience of this project and that one day your imagination leads you here.

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从1978年开始中国走上了她的改革开放之路.  今天我们看到了她翻天覆地的转变, 然而这只是一个开始.  “声音漫步”的参与者(下简称“说者”)都是在上海土生土长的70尾80后.  他们不仅见证了上海点点滴滴的改变也身临其境地和上海一起长大了.  他们成长中的一些经历间接地被上海的发展和变化影响着而融合成了不可分割的记忆.  在说者们的叙述中总会不期然的听到对一些地点旧貌新态的对比和他们对这变的一些感情.  而上海就是这样, 一个充满活力千变万化的城市, 她在马不停蹄的变得更强更美更现代.

跟声音一样, “声音漫步”是可以从多个层次去体会的.  从表面看可能它只是一种现场的声音, 熙熙攘攘的街道声音加了说者的上海话.  它可能只是这些也可以是更多更多.  可是当听者把声音, 文字(声音的普通话翻译或英文翻译)和现场的照片结合在一起那种体会和感受就只限于听者自己的想象力了.  我希望透过这种视,听,觉的感受听者可以对上海少一份陌生多一点亲切.  如果听者有一天来到上海更可以跟着说者的声音小游一段弄堂亲尝一下这里独有情怀和说者当时的心情.

“声音漫步”计划不是另一本旅游导书.  它用了这个城市的声音和本地人的声音来让听者感受上海的真实.  通过上海本地人对这片土地的记忆和听者的想象力, 上海变成一个无边界城市供听者自由体会.

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Hear Shanghai

'Hear Shanghai' is a collection of field recordings that encourages listening within your environment to bring you closer to where you are. All recordings are made within the municipality of Shanghai and are updated daily.

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Listen to 'Hear Shanghai'

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