Yet another BR website redesign! and other news

Whew! At long last, the website we have always wanted (didn't we say that last time?). All Bivouac Recording projects are finally under one roof!

We are still in the process of migrating some data and sounds from other accounts but Squarespace makes things easy (and pretty!). Please don't mind the mess. More great things on the way!

We are especially pleased with our Store. Growing Up With Shanghai never looked so good. We will be looking into adding Alipay links for all the items in the store allowing people in China an easy way to purchase the items.

Here's some other news:

I know, I know. Growing Up With Shanghai has been asleep for a while. But new releases will be coming soon thanks to our new Chinese/English translator- Gloria Chiang! She has just finished with the Changchun Lu translation and we are now in the process of laying out the book. As our work load has been slowly growing this past year, her translations will be a huge help in moving the entire project forward and finally catching up with itself.

If you haven't seen the project in a while, we have changed the format of the book to add a Shanghainese transcription of the audio. This makes the connection between the book and the audio the as close as possible by transcribing the audio into a visual document. We invite you to have a look and listen to the release in our new Store.

Hello, Social Tapes!

While GUWS was sleeping, we have been hard at work with our new project called Social Tapes.

"Social Tapes is a platform for the compilation and release of socially and environmentally focused soundscape projects. The purpose of these recordings are to build awareness to encourage action and participation with these issues."

We currently are working with WWF China to complete our first album which was actually the initial inspiration of the project. The first album will contain soundscapes relating to WWFs support for the critically endangered Yangtze Finless Porpoise. Here's a sneak peek at the cover:

We went to Hubei, China to the Hewangmiao and Tian'ezhou nature reserves to experience and record the locations that serve as a refuge for about 60 finless porpoises.

Later this year we are super excited to be working with the Matthew Shepard Foundation, and the International Crane Foundation for recordings later on this year.

We hope you enjoy our new site! Thanks for listening!