Bivouac. Live.


‘Bivouac. Live.’ is a project starting from March 2006 in New York City and later in Shanghai and features live performances from well-known and obscure experimental musicians in some of the most interesting venues. ‘Bivouac. Live.’ is a ‘living’ project that will be added to as we have new recordings.

If you would like to add recordings of live, improvised performances from experimental musicians, please contact us!

The following tracks were recorded at the following venues:

Tonic  (closed)| Goodbye Blue Mondays | Chez Bushwick | The Foundry | Issue Project Room | The Stone (2nd st.- closed) |Yu Yin Tang- Shanghai | 4 Live (now closed) | Live Bar- Shanghai | 696 Live | BM Space (closed)

We are proud to present these brave souls who poured their passion out during their performances- and allowed me to capture it:

Light In August (Gregory Reynolds and Ann Adachi) | Peeeseye | Boris Baltschun | Tim Olive | Na | Noriaki Watanabe | Shayna Dulberger | Ninni Morgia | Jordon Shranz | Matt Mottel | Marie Evelyn | Rolyn Hu | Motoko Shimizu | Ed Chang | Matt Hannafin | Brian Moran | Maria Chavez | Ravi Padmanabha | Ed Howard | Bruno Morello | Bujalex | Donki Ra | Nim | Green Andy | Fire And Flux (Benjamin Kates and Richard Gilman-Opalsky) | John Clair | Jed Shahar | Loren Steel | Kite | Dr. Benstock | Sarah Bernstein | Julianne Carney | Ben Houge | Alessandro Bosetti | Audrey Chen | Ronez | Splinter Vs Stalin | Torturing Nurse | Li Jian Hong | Rolf-Erik Nystrom | MTDM